Winter Event

Last Thursday, December 14th, the annual Winter Event of Veste Wonen took place. Together with the students, Veste Wonen ensured a spectacular end to the year, with the theme: international New Year customs.

A Warm Winter Event with Surprising New Year Customs
This year's Winter Event was dedicated to New Year's Eve and the various ways it is celebrated in different countries and cultures. The students enjoyed mulled wine, hot chocolate with whipped cream, and traditional Dutch doughnuts called oliebollen. Additionally, surprising international New Year snacks were served, such as Jalebi and Gyoza. In front of the Veste Wonen building, an interesting exhibition was set up with fun facts about the New Year theme. 

The annual Winter Event is organized for students so they can get to know each other and Veste Wonen better. The snacks and music were great, and the atmosphere was lively as always!