Receiving the keys

You've signed your rental agreement and paid the starting bill? It's time to collect your keys! There are two options for this:

1. Collect the keys at our office. 
You'll find us at De Hems 16-88/89 on Campus.  

We are here Monday till Thursday from 09.00 AM till 15.30 PM and on Fridays from 09.00 AM till 11.30 PM. Can't make it between opening hours? No worries, choose option 2. 

2. Collect the keys at the security office.
You'll find them at Drienerbeeklaan 5 in building De Spiegel on Campus. They're open 24/7. Campus security service | Service Portal | University of Twente (

Gimme the key!

Please bring identification when collecting your keys. Otherwise, we won't be able to hand you the keys.

Frequently asked about Receiving the keys

When can I collect my keys?


Once we've reached the starting date of your contract, we've received your signed rental agreement and you've paid the starting bill; you can collect the keys.

Where can I collect my keys?


You can collect the keys at our office during our opening hours. Outside opening hours you can collect them at the security office. They are located in building De Spiegel at Drienerbeeklaan 5 on campus and are open 24/7. Please bring your identification when collecting the keys.

Can somebody else collect my keys?


Yes, this is possible. But we do need your approval for this. Send us an email stating the first and last name of the person who will be collecting the keys for you.