Campus Boulevard

In 2024 we will start the construction of three new residential buildings on the Boulevard at the UT campus. The complexes will be built between the campus supermarket Coop and the Athletics track. 
In total, we will build 117 independent housing units, divided into 3 residential buildings, each with 39 units. These buildings will consist of 4 floors. The complexes will have shared cooking and living spaces. There will be 3 accessible rooms available. The construction project contributes to the housing shortage among students. The new living spaces are intended for both Dutch and international students.  
The structural completion is scheduled for Q3 of 2025. Then the buildings will be furnished and prepared for rental. The work is being carried out by Plegt-Vos on behalf of Veste Wonen. For questions about this project, please contact Annette Weenink from Veste Wonen.