Paying manually

Besides direct debit, you can also transfer the rent yourself every month. You can set up a monthly payment via internet banking or in your banking app. Your rent will then automatically be transferred to us every month.  

Our account number is

IBAN: NL71 BNGH 0285 1776 21 
Name: Woningstichting Veste Wonen 

Do you set up a monthly payment? Please make sure to inform the bank in time if the rent changes (for example after a rent increase). To avoid paying the wrong amount. You can also pay at our office.

Please note, that we do not accept cash! Only card.

Frequently asked about Paying manually

How do I pay manually?


You can pay manually by transferring the rent to us every month. The rent must be paid before the beginning of the month. Please include your name, address and reference number in the message section of your transfer. You will find your reference number in your contract.